I’d like to personally invite you to meet Derek! He is a fellow San Antonio wedding photographer. He co-owns Moments & Milestones along with his wife, Aimee. Moments & Milestones is a multi-faceted photography studio/coordinating company capable of helping customers document and navigate through weddings, family events, private events, corporate events, product photography and much more!

More recently, he has also started producing a podcast: The Hub.

Originally, his idea was to help educate his wedding clients or attract new ones by introducing them to vendors whom he respected and loved working with. But as he rolled out his episodes, he learned that’s not who his organic audience was turning out to be.

The listeners tuning into his podcasts were other entrepreneurs who were just about to launch businesses or had just recently opened their doors. Derek discovered that the industry professionals he was inviting on the show and the conversations they were having always tended to veer to, “What inspires you to do this line of work?” or “How did you overcome this particular obstacle in your business?” This line of questioning was intriguing to other would-be business owners.

I want to be Derek’s advocate here. Even though his audience is currently leaning toward the entrepreneurial listener, I’ve listened to a handful of his podcasts. I hear much content in his interviews that could be substantially beneficial to couples about to plan or in the process of planning a wedding.

Derek is a complete natural behind his mic. He guides the conversation with his guests in such a intuitive way that there are no awkward moments of silence or anyone searching for something to say. The conversations are fluid, interesting and entertaining.

This is a great opportunity for couples to get to know vendors on a pretty personal level without having to meet them at an open house… without having to pick up the phone, stalk them on social media, or without even having to fill out an inquiry form. All you have to do is click on the podcast/vendor that peaks your interest and listen. You can do this while bathing your dog, washing the dishes, polishing your furniture or even commuting to work. It’s vitally important that you like your vendors’ personalities. I can’t think of a better way, aside from having them over for dinner, to get to know a vendor this well. The bonus is that this can all be done from the comfort of your home and without ever spending a single dollar!

Derek began this podcast venture last year in September. He’s already interviewed some great vendors like… Chris Koval (Future Sounds), Frank Burton (Event Ignition), Sheila Dunn (Texas Wedding Guide), Monica Endejan (Reel Photo Booth), Shimeyka Olivares (San Antonio Botanical Garden), Kari and Rene Esparza (Texas Wedding Ministers and Everlasting Elopements), and our very own Lizzette Suarez (from His garden). Plus, his library of podcasts contains every more vendors!! In addition to the interviews, Derek also releases podcasts where he answers listeners’ questions OR gives specific advice about something.

We are honored to have Derek emcee our Wedding Academy. Afterwards, during the open house portion of the afternoon, he will be promoting his podcast! You’ll be able to ask him specific questions or maybe even request specific vendor categories to be on as his guests.

Make sure you come hear Derek, and all of our Wedding Academy speakers, teach you some tips, secrets and information you better know while planning your wedding at the STEP Wedding Academy. You can purchase your tickets here. Be sure to use the discount code “hub5” to receive $5 off your tickets ($15/couple).

Our next STEP Wedding Academy is scheduled for March 3 beginning at 2:00 p.m. at The Club at Sonterra. We are giving away fantastic swag bags (valued at over $200) to each couple to attends, random prize drawings during the academy and even bigger, more valuable, magnificent prizes from our vendors during and immediately after the open house! (Must be present to collect/win!)

See you then!