The first ever STEP Wedding Academy is in the books and if you weren’t there, well… you missed out.  The event was held last night, and since there is absolutely nothing to compare it to, it has officially been labeled a SUCCESS.

The Wedding Academy did exactly what we had hoped it would.

“It informed the audience on an array of important information which led to the couples asking more precise questions giving them a better ‘blueprint’ for their special day. The couples who came out were so engaged in the conversation and enthusiastically took notes from the multitude of topics covered by our awesome wedding pros,” STEP President, Gretchen Olivares reported.

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Most open houses have wedding pros standing at a table eagerly handing out fliers and couples walking by reluctantly accepting them with little conversation taking place. This Wedding Academy had the exact opposite interaction. The couples first mingled while enjoying great food and drinks, then listened to speakers covering topics from every area of the wedding day and took notes and experienced a few “ah-ha” moments.

After the presentations, they flocked to the presenters’ booths to gather more information. Because they had the opportunity to get to know the professional through their speech, the couples felt comfortable approaching them with their questions triggered by the information presented. This actually eliminated all the routine questions that couples planning a wedding think they are supposed to ask. Metaphorically speaking, instead of the couples coming straight off the bench at the booth, they were able to enter the game running to second base.

“Last night’s Wedding Academy was a confirmation of what STEP is going to provide to the engaged-couples’ community. This will enable them to identify missing pieces of their wedding planning. When I was visiting with couples last night, I noticed excitement and heard their appreciation about our STEP initiative,” said, STEP Secretary, Lizzette Suarez.

Tammy Blalock, STEP Vice-President, added, “I’m excited to see this Wedding Academy grow. I envision one day that this will be a one- or two-day event in an arena filled with hundreds of couples. Our speakers will have more than a five-minute platform, or in my case—accidentally ten, to share their expertise with couples excited to create a dream wedding.”

STEP Wedding Academy

The list of vendors who participated in last night’s Wedding Academy are:

STEP and all of the participating vendors could not be more delighted with the results of the first ever Wedding Academy. This made for an excellent night and we can’t wait for the next one! We have started working on the line up of presenters and will publish the date and location of the next Wedding Academy very soon.