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Who We Are

STEP is an informed network of South Texas event planners that is dedicated to promoting its members to one another and to clients who are planning a wedding or event in the South Texas area. We seek to educate our members and the public as to our professional standards and ethics. We strive to use our vast wedding and event experience and knowledge to connect the right clients to the right professionals and help them transform dreams into reality.

Our Story

Every organization has a beginning. Long ago, we envisioned a place where we could network with other industry professionals in a relaxed environment--a place that we could get to know about each other’s children, learn about each other’s hobbies and lastly, talk about each other’s business goals. We envisioned an uplifting and positive place to share ideas, participate in collaborative work, and make our industry a more trusted one. We wanted to share our knowledge in an educational forum to help clients enjoy their events with a more positive reflection--without regrets. STEP was born.

Meet Our Founding Members

These are the original founding members of STEP. Each are local, successful business owners who saw a need and filled it.

Gretchen Olivares step south texas event professionals san antonio event planners

Gretchen Olivares

Aly Am Paperie

Gretchen is a wife, mom of two awesome girls (their names are the namesake of her store AlyAm), and business owner. Gretchen loves to give back by volunteering in our community.

Tammy Blalock south texas event planners san antonio wedding academy

Tammy Blalock

Ata-Girl Photography Co.

Tammy has two beautiful grown daughters, is a U. S. veteran, and has lived in the same community her ancestors first settled in 1909. Tammy loves preserving people's personal legacies.

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Lizzette Suarez

Dir. of Membership
from His garden

From His garden creates beautiful floral decor and provides planning services for weddings and corporate events. Lizzette is married to Daniel. Together they share a 20-year marriage and four loving children.

Vicki Perkins

Vicki Perkins

Vicki was wrangled into a venue manager when her dad purchased a venue. Despite the job being chosen for her, she loves helping couples start their happily ever after.

Next Steps...

You should check out our upcoming events to see all the ways you can engage with us, learn from us, or become part of our organization...